The Hopscotch Fall + Winter Pantry CSA

The Hopscotch Fall + Winter Pantry CSA provides shelf stable, local food options during the cool, dark months of the year (October to March).

Regular Share:  Six jars per month (3 pickles or relish, 2 preserves, 1 salt or herb blend). $280.

Small Share:  4 jars per month (2 pickles or relish, 1 preserves, 1 salt or herb blend). $185.

Optional Ad-Ons:  You can also get fall storage crops such as potatoes, winter squash, onions, garlic, and more.    

Other Benefits:  
- Monthly newsletter, seasonal recipes, and updates to help you stay connected to the farm.
- Exclusive access to seasonal specials.
- Customizable boxes! Want more jam and less pickles? Or vice versa? Boxes can be tailored to your preference. (Note: May require additional payment.)

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a way to connect people who produce food with people who eat food.  Customers pay for a portion of the farmer’s bounty up front, and receive a monthly box throughout the season.  

This system gives farmers access to capital in the off season when they need it most.  Eaters get healthy food, a personal connection with the people who make it, and a way to support the local economy.

Join the Hopscotch Farmily

Contact me for more info or to sign up:
Meghan Mix

Sample Shares

Regular Share
1 Zucchini Bread + Butter Pickles
1 Beet Relish with Horseradish
1 Dilly Beans
1 Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves with Ginger
1 Blueberry Preserves with Lemon + Thyme
1 Fennel + Black Pepper Seasoning Salt

Small Share
1 Pickled Beets
1 Tomato Catsup
1 Wild Blackberry Preserves with Sage
1 Sage + Rosemary Seasoning Salt

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