The Hopscotch CSA

The Hopscotch CSA is more than just veggies!  Weekly boxes also include canned goods and dried herbs! 

The Veggies:  I focus on growing everyday vegetables like greens, peas, beets, tomatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, potatoes, onions, garlic, and more.  Shares are intentionally small so perishables are easily consumed by one to two people within the week. 

The Goods:  In addition to veggies, you will also find 1 to 2 jars of artisan canned goods (pickles, relish, and preserves), dried herbs, or seasoning salt in your box each week.  My canned goods are shelf-stable, so whether you choose to enjoy them immediately or stock up for winter is totally up to you.    

Other Benefits:  

  • The Hopscotch CSA is more than just food!  You get a newsletter, seasonal recipes, updates, and more each week so you can stay connected to the farm.

  • Free delivery (location dependent) or pick up in Port Townsend on Wednesdays.

  • Semi-customizable boxes!  I’m operating on a small scale and am happy to try to cater to your taste when possible.  Just give me a call to discuss.

  • You get a discount on any additional purchases or special orders.

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a way to connect people who grow food with people who eat food.  Customers pay for a portion of the farmer’s harvest up front, and receive a weekly box of veggies throughout the growing season.  

This system gives farmers access to capital early in the season when they need it most.  Eaters get fresh and healthy produce, a personal connection with the people who grow their food, and a way to support the local economy.


$640   Full Season (late April to October - 26 weeks)  Save 5%! 
$335   Any 3 Months (13 weeks)

Monthly payment plans available - just call or email! 
And please note: No delivery the weeks of 7/3 and 8/21.

Join the Hopscotch Farmily

Contact me for more info or to sign up:
Meghan Mix
206-947-1116 |

Sample Shares

While the contents of the box rotates by season, I typically try to include 1 canned or dried item, greens, and fresh herbs each week.  In the spring, boxes are heavier on canned goods and there are lots of greens, while the summer boxes focus more on fresh produce.  And as the end of the season approaches, more storage crops begin to appear in the boxes (such as potatoes and winter squash).

1 jar Dilly Beans
1 jar Dried Onions 
1 bunch Kale
1 bag Salad Greens
1 box Snap Peas
1 bunch Radish or Turnip
Oregano + Thyme

1 jar Pickled Beets
1 bag Salad Mix
2 Cucumbers or Zucchini
1 pound Tomatoes
1 bag Green Beans
box Strawberries
1 bunch Basil

1 jar Blueberry Preserves
1 jar Seasoning Salt
1 Delicata Winter Squash
1 bag Potatoes
1 Bell Pepper
1 bunch Carrots
Sage + Parsley