My Story 

Hi!  I’m Meghan.  :)

I own and operate Hopscotch Farm + Cannery, a “Farm to Jar” operation that grows heirloom produce and crafts artisan pickles, relish, and preserves in Port Townsend, WA. 

I started Hopscotch in 2017 as a way to blend together my passions for working in the dirt, cooking in the kitchen, and being nerdy in the office.  Since there were already many produce farms operating locally, I decided to use my farm-grown fruits and vegetables to make value-added, “farm to jar” products.

But without land and lots of start-up capital, I had to get creative if I didn’t want to incur major debt to make my dream a reality.  Enter the multi-plot micro-farm idea!  Based on a contemporary reimagining of the WWII era “Victory Gardens,” I farm on 5 small plots located in unused open spaces in Jefferson County.  Not only am I leveraging community resources, but I also support local landowners who can no longer farm or garden on their property but still have a desire to see it be productive.  

Through Hopscotch, I was eager to fill a need in the community by creating high quality, healthy products that weren’t already produced locally.  I am also particularly excited to:

  • Increase the options people have for putting local food on their plate each day.

  • Help Jefferson County feed itself by showcasing the potential abundance of small-scale, urban open spaces (areas previously deemed unsuitable to agriculture).  

  • Create a model that can be replicated, both in my community and elsewhere, to encourage young entrepreneurs to start businesses with limited funding.

How did I get to this point?  As a native Washingtonian, I began my career in nonprofit administration. Fortunately, this background actually gave me many of the skills I use today; a self-professed nerd, I look forward to the  budgeting, bookkeeping, quality control and records almost (but not quite) as much as I look forward to being out in the field or in the processing kitchen. 

But I am happiest with my hands in the dirt.  I have been farming now for seven years and have gained experience with different production methods on farms in Washington, California, and Arizona.  As a farmer, I often had access to surplus crops and, not being able to bear seeing them go to waste, I started processing “2nd’s” into many types of canned and fermented foods as a hobby. 

All these experiences came together to help me create Hopscotch Farm + Cannery, to weave together agricultural traditions, the craft of canning, modern “locavorism,” and a sense of place in order to celebrate the abundance of the Olympic Peninsula.